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Playing dress-up begins at age 5 and never truly ends. - Kate Spade

My mom had a retail store that I was fortunate enough to grow up in. I had the chance to learn everything about running a business before I graduated high school. I would sit in the back and pretend to be doing homework but really listening to my mom. I watched how she treated the customers. She would take the time to understand what they needed and explain their options. She sold wood burning fireplaces, spa’s, awnings, bbq’s, etc. She made sure the customer left with what they really needed and never pressured them into buying something. I watched how she made check lists – something I do about five times a day now. She spoke to her employees with respect and taught them step-by-step on how she wanted things run. She led by example and was the first one to take on the harder tasks. Everyday I think about that store of hers. And everyday I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to grow up in that environment and learn from such an incredible role model in both business and life. 

Today I have my own little store and treat my customers the same way. You can be sure when you shop at Laundry I will help style you in clothing that you feel good in. Women have to feel good in their clothes before they leave the house. Otherwise the whole day is a disaster. I love that I get the opportunity to do that. I know what looks good on what body types and you can be sure you’ll always look good in your new laundry.

Xo, Jenn

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